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The purpose of the program.
PrivalSystems is fast (the fastest possible Assembly, the compiler) automatically updated (without user interaction), constantly developed program, video/audio communication + instant messaging.
Opinions of some users about the program PrivalSystems:
-- Really, video better than Skype. All recent versions of Skype low-quality.
(the opinion of a person with a Wi-Fi provider).
-- This program PrivalSystems will be great demand for a secure data transmission channel. Users who work with such data. Indeed, these programs and almost none. Review of modern messengers, it is possible to install on a desktop platform:
1. PrivalSystems
Dignity. Messages are NOT stored on the server. Recommended for protected operation (sending of encrypted information, audio and video communication, chat). Works on p2p communication. Use traffic encryption.
Is installed on the whole range of Windows starting with Windows-7.
casual messengers. (Not recommended for sensitive use!)
2. TrilianAstraPro (minus - there is no guarantee read the messages on its server).
3. TrilianAstra ___(minus - there is no guarantee read the messages on its server).
4. QIP 2010 _____(minus - there is no guarantee read the messages on its server).
5. QIP Infium____(minus - there is no guarantee read the messages on its server).
- it is not recommended such messengers!:
6. Windows Messendger- since, there is no encryption + there is no guarantee read the messages on its server
7. ICQ------------------------ since, there is no encryption + there is no guarantee read the messages on its server. Additionally, partly there is the possibility of authorization for phone number. Is a CIA agent !
Prohibited messengers
Skype the messenger is forbidden to use (even in everyday use). Since, currently used as spy gatherer. Unified intelligence system PRIZM.
And really. As we can see, instant messengers, which can be used for normal secure data transfer, AND there is ALMOST!
The hand of Uncle Sam apparently has an effect. Really. Because the messenger will always be a tasty morsel for the intelligence services of all countries and hackers of all stripes. In this EXTREMELY turbid medium, we have to play the role of one of the SHIELD tunnel for user data.
Click to DOWNLOAD the program PrivalSystems - ⇓⇓
*-Prival - it is a modern program! For example, the functionality of the message exchange audio and video connection, allows extremely securely transmit the secret data, so the program is used by all who are interested in business communication and the transfer of personal data. Transmitting information via Skype - you will not only be threatened is not the correct interpretation of your data intercepted by the NSA, but also disclosed the production documents of the company and technology! (including industrial espionage).
System requirements:
Operating systems - Windows 7, 8, 10.
RAM - 50 MB.
Messenger PrivalSystems assembled on high-speed code (Win32 API non MFC). At the moment, there is more efficient code !! (Note: faster code - the ASSEMBLER cannot be used as universal). For this reason, unresponsiveness and slowness, has not been observed.
You probably know Edward Joseph Snowden?
Edward Snowden revealed information about the PRISM program, which includes massive spying on conversations of Americans and foreigners through phone and Internet. He claims, PRISM allows the Agency to access emails, listen to voice and video chats, view photos, videos, track sent files to know other details of the social networks. In the PRISM programme taking part Microsoft (Hotmail), Google (Gmail), Yahoo!, Facebook, YouTube, Skype, AOL, Apple и Paltalk
On the slides Snowden on the PRISM program stated that the company Skype has provided the national security Agency access to its infrastructure February 6, 2011.
This contradicts the common belief that wiretapping Skype users began only after the purchase of the service by company Microsoft, which has carried out the required infrastructure upgrades to Skype with centralization supernodes.
Now the information about Skype cooperation with NSA before the Microsoft purchase was partially confirmed. Newspaper NY Times published information with reference to anonymous sources about a "Project Chess," which led within the company with respect to Skype secret group of several programmers (less than 10 employees). The aim of the project was to create a backdoor through which the NSA could get access to encrypted user communications.
The project started about five years ago, before eBay sold the company to outside investors in 2009. In turn, Microsoft acquired Skype for $8.5 billion in October 2011.
His BLACK list. And finally, some previously secret information, which can be had completely disappear! Attention!
Software products service Asmlocator checked all the antivirus bases. Virus and spyware codes there is no and never WILL! The development program do we and no one else. The result is a specially developed technology in which passwords on the server are not available - the entrance is under the Trojan is not possible.
If any doubt about the cleanliness of our code, you can install software from any other manufacturers. However, due to the presence of spyware code in them, the responsibility for the leakage of valuable files from your PC goes to You! Our programs - Asmlocator and PrivalSystems have modules with closed source, which are forbidden for any broadcast. This is due to the safety of user data.
All attempts to obtain the source codes, will be considered as an external threat and will be blocked. SOME FONT SIGNATURES FOR DIFFERENT USAGE
* ♂ + ♀ = ♥ *
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