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Niño de Elche
"Colombiana" — 2019
________________________________________________ FRANCISCO CONTRERAS MOLINA: 21.01.1985 • Spain (Elx, Comunitat Valenciana)
ЖАНРЫ: Freak Folk | Flamenco nuevo | Cumbia
ЛЭЙБЛ: Sony Music Entertainment España, S.L.
НОМЕР ПО КАТАЛОГУ: 19075943401
ИСТОЧНИК: # сомнительный
КОДЕК: FLAC (*.flac)
ТИП РИПА: tracks
БИТРЕЙТ: lossless.
track listing01. El muermo (03:54)
02. El pregón de los caramelos (03:48)
03. Oración militar (03:20)
04. Los esclavos (03:54)
05. Cabales americanas (03:52)
06. Tangos de la ayahuasca (03:41)
07. Peteneras mexicanas (feat. Los Pirañas & Daniela Sanmiguel) (03:26)
08. Ni chicha ni limoná (03:16)
09. Colombiana vasca (feat. Maialen Lujanbio & Beñat Achiary) (03:47)
10. Flor-canto (04:02) total length (00:36:55)


-----------------------DON'T MODIFY THIS FILE-----------------------PERFORMER: auCDtect Task Manager, ver. 1.6.0 RC1 build (c) 2008-2010 y-soft. All rights reservedANALYZER: auCDtect: CD records authenticity detector, version 0.8.2Copyright (c) 2004 Oleg Berngardt. All rights reserved.Copyright (c) 2004 Alexander Djourik. All rights reserved.FILE: 10. Flor-canto.flac  Size: 22401526 Hash: 8351E9233A3F4A5E24EDE583158D3793 Accuracy: -m0  Conclusion: CDDA 99%  Signature: F7584C464467E6E77EB81A869E5FCF9F4433402AFILE: 09. Colombiana vasca.flac  Size: 26962891 Hash: 7462730B3C2F1308FED911B1BC3E9FE3 Accuracy: -m0  Conclusion: CDDA 100%  Signature: 3CB39EB5454655C6A950CAA8311F6AA050365FD0FILE: 08. Ni chicha ni limoná.flac  Size: 23963727 Hash: D078A3A2D2B51547C6D9E3983B8A8129 Accuracy: -m0  Conclusion: CDDA 100%  Signature: D7BFA98CD54571102FAAEA64895B898B59296310FILE: 07. Peteneras mexicanas.flac  Size: 25713591 Hash: 66FE283F4D68D72BF2B6BE241393829F Accuracy: -m0  Conclusion: CDDA 100%  Signature: 3C0FC3E1B67047071FAC8E1CA4750914DD8F06D6FILE: 06. Tangos de la ayahuasca.flac  Size: 22889410 Hash: AB87EBEB4CED66A90D789361176AB5E5 Accuracy: -m0  Conclusion: CDDA 100%  Signature: CCD17B3C84A7656BE3F849BAC4FE3123EC2B661AFILE: 05. Cabales americanas.flac  Size: 26849708 Hash: D95A98D2E2C6E3C1A7D55F92E28C1AA3 Accuracy: -m0  Conclusion: CDDA 100%  Signature: 1EC1AFD9E9B9A2DC3B68A69AAB05B10FDD73C8E5FILE: 04. Los esclavos.flac  Size: 26306084 Hash: D9111BDBE40568FC3F7E71B8D1E8BE7A Accuracy: -m0  Conclusion: CDDA 100%  Signature: DAF6E47C5A42D225989D13F6E5AC70C37FFF2D14FILE: 03. Oración militar.flac  Size: 23398371 Hash: 101F8F27C2A4FC6DD21DA082943511C1 Accuracy: -m0  Conclusion: CDDA 100%  Signature: F3BEAF329C2AC9D4552CA27A08FBBE565EE733A2FILE: 02. El pregón de los caramelos.flac  Size: 26237845 Hash: CD7F20019B823691454B807507D78533 Accuracy: -m0  Conclusion: CDDA 100%  Signature: E7238962F6090A4C109C4BDAB3F746A3035FC8C8FILE: 01. El muermo.flac  Size: 25547126 Hash: 66BF6429D4540C491A0A0D180FB9C6C5 Accuracy: -m0  Conclusion: CDDA 100%  Signature: E79C675C98C69D761D260ABC826036D4AD8AEAE4


foobar2000 1.3.9 / Dynamic Range Meter 1.1.1log date: 2019-06-06 11:49:08--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Analyzed: Niño de Elche (feat. Los Pirañas, Daniela Sanmiguel) / Colombiana (1)          Niño de Elche (feat. Maialen Lujanbio, Beñat Achiary) / Colombiana (2)          Niño de Elche / Colombiana (3-10)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------DR         Peak         RMS     Duration Track--------------------------------------------------------------------------------DR7        0.00 dB    -8.41 dB      3:26 07-Peteneras mexicanasDR8       -0.03 dB    -9.71 dB      3:47 09-Colombiana vascaDR11      -0.05 dB   -12.07 dB      3:53 01-El muermoDR10       0.00 dB   -11.97 dB      3:47 02-El pregón de los caramelosDR8        0.00 dB   -10.56 dB      3:19 03-Oración militarDR9       -0.05 dB   -10.31 dB      3:54 04-Los esclavosDR10       0.00 dB   -11.83 dB      3:52 05-Cabales americanasDR10      -0.02 dB   -11.82 dB      3:40 06-Tangos de la ayahuascaDR8        0.00 dB    -8.44 dB      3:15 08-Ni chicha ni limonáDR9       -0.33 dB   -12.81 dB      4:01 10-Flor-canto--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Number of tracks:  10Official DR value: DR9Samplerate:        44100 HzChannels:          2Bits per sample:   16Bitrate:           737 kbpsCodec:             FLAC================================================================================
ничего более умного, чем размещение в этом разделе мне в голову не пришло.
думаюятак, что во фламенко этот альбом не совсем уместен...

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