Fraud on vinyl disks or ZOMBIES rise!

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Compare the antediluvian vinyl and analyze on the topic - AND YOU NEED it twist vinyl?
What gives the impression that vinyl discs are high-quality media? Just platitudes - sound thou, it repeats the sequence of "slicing" sound track applied to the surface of the disk. Let's look at this in more detail.
According to laws of physics. Let the sound needle move on the surface of the cut channel. Based on the inertia of the needle (and this value can not be ignored) the oscillation frequency of the needle can not exactly repeat the oscillation frequency of the sound wave. High frequencies will be cut off. In real measurements of the frequency band, the high spectrum has a cut-off already at frequencies of 10 kHz. However, at this frequency, the sound is almost inaudible.
In contrast, very high field strength can be created in dynamic heads. One that can create both sound and ultra-sound waves. This is the first thing you need to know. The needle has inertia, from which it is impossible to escape in any way. The laws of nature. Fundamental physical laws (gravitational force GRAVITY and the force of inertia of the body) these forces have a completely different nature, but their influence has not yet anyone failed in any way to reduce or change its sign.
Let's describe the disadvantages of the digital method of recording / reading the signal and the direct method, by creating a cut of the track on the soft material.
1. Sampling frequency.
The sampling rate on vinyl could be taken to be 20 kHz, but due to the above described laws this can not be done. In fact, we have a LOSS in the high frequency spectrum. The needle will not be able to physically repeat the pattern of the cuts made in the highest spectra. What frequencies are we talking about? And it depends on the mass of the needle. According to the formula, the force of inertia is directly proportional to body weight. For example, "cooperative" of the needle will be removed no more than 10 kHz, and a very expensive needle, from the mountain of producers, about 16 kHz. It is clear that the sound frequency of 16 kHz is perceived on a subconscious level. However, if you do not play the sound of 16 kHz, then leaving for example from a noisy street, we will not hear anything, but being for a long time in a quiet room, subconsciously the sound will not seem high quality.
In the case of digital reproduction, this error will not be. Since, even it is practically possible to raise the sampling rate to a million!
2. Channel separation.
So, vinyl has extremely low channel separation! From the point of view of a real music lover, vinyl discs are terrible! stereo effect. Already unacceptable at some sound operator work, not to mention the subtleties of music lovers!
Any CD has 100% channel separation. The vinyl record won't make it to 50.
3. Overwriting on various renewable media.
Digital media-100%
Vinyl record-0%
This is a very bad indicator!! It means not being able to use, in a variety of situations that require audio overwriting.
4. Convenience.
This item can be decomposed into MULTIPLE parameters and conditions of use. Such as-vibration resistance, complexity in the preparation of the device, the mass of the playback device, the resource of the playback device, the overhead of maintenance and replacement of spare parts and consumables. (for example on HDD devices) such item is absent in General as, the hard disk can be easily operated without any intervention from outside, about 10 years.
And on this point, in ALL respects, vinyl records do not HAVE A single plus!
5. The cost of the device.
It should be admitted that the cost of the vinyl record playback device is several orders of MAGNITUDE higher than, the cost of reading / writing devices based on digital technologies.
Some firms are clearly fraudulent, selling devices worth more than a million! Where the manufacturer manipulates lies, on a massive disk-platform. Here it should be noted that the physical setting of the massive disk will only compensate for vibration from the actuator, but this vibration effectively suppresses the drive weight only 1 kg. However, the goal of stabilization will be in a solid mounting base, the site where the device is installed. Thus, it is a pure deception of the buyer. A much better effect, compared with the purchase of such a super expensive device can serve as a massive PLATE on which you want to install the entire device. For example, installing the device on a plate weighing 40 kg. will be much less vibration from FOREIGN OBJECTS than to follow the path of increasing the weight of the disk (for example, 5 kg.)
How much does a massive slab cost? Practically, for example, a set of steel sheets can be made for a much lower price, in this comparison, it will be free! But not like half a million. It is stupidity bordering on the inferiority of the mind.
6. Sound quality.
On vinyl records and old and new, to varying degrees will crackle. This is the result of loss of quality when cutting the track + the presence of DUST in the air. As, particularly a clean room at home to create this insanity. Next cod is only possible to remove the digital editing of the signal. Already edited sound will be much better than the original sound. Sounds like a paradox. However, it is not - cutting techniques, the recurrence of sound waves is left far in the past.
Here it is extremely important to notice. The population tends to negative use of MP3 format which is outdated and is low-quality. Based on this and the impression that ALL DIGITAL is low quality. Low quality MP3 format is not soon, but will DIE, it is a fact. If the devices were transferred to the use of FLAC and AAC formats, with the prohibition of MP3 format, the question of comparing the quality would disappear. So, by ear, the sound of FLAC format is much better than the sound from a vinyl disc. These formats are called formats without loss of quality.
7. Prospect of development.
Special laser reading / writing devices based on non-digital method have been developed for a long time. Mathematically speaking, the read / write function is continuous throughout a single track. However, this is a purely physical application of conventional laser beam.
If we continue the theme of discretization, from a mathematical point of view, the continuous function can be described using the points of the value of the arguments to this function. Thus, at a sufficiently high sampling rate, even if actually using a high-speed oscilloscope, you can see the step function, the most powerful magnet will not be able to repeat the step function, since the force of inertia of a thin "Squeaker" of high frequencies, although it is extremely small. Nothing can go against the laws of nature or prohibit them.
In the case of a vinyl record, there can be no development. because the dead are already dead and cannot be resurrected.
From the comparison it is seen that the old (ANCIENT fair to write) recording method did not give more than one plus!!
And of course this was to be expected. Axe and electromagnetic waves - is VERY FAR from themselves, according to the laws of nature.
Example of themes for high-quality music, for example, in the expansion .FLAC (pre - install LVC player).
etc to download from your chosen forums (the word lossless format means no loss of sound quality).
Some research.
According to research specialists, outdated and already closed from support format .mp3 causes negative emotions. It is likely that listening to this format can lead to depression and severe mental disorders.
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