(Melodic Rock | AOR | Smooth Jazz) Jim Peterik (Jim Peterik And World Stage, Jim Peterik\'s Lifeforce, Jim Peterik & Marc Scherer) - Дискография - 1976-2015 - (7 Альбомов), MP3, 176-320 kbps

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Jim Peterik

Страна: USA
Жанр: Melodic Rock | AOR | Smooth Jazz
Год издания: 1976-2015
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 176-320 kbps
Продолжительность: 07.01.43
Источник: 320 из Lossless
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: нет

Jim Peterik

1976 - Dont Fight The Feeling (Vinyl Rip) (192 kbps) - 00.38.45

01. Don't fight The Feeling
02. Daphne, with The Laughing Eyes
03. Last Tango
04. Nagauhyde Heart
05. Let There Be song
06. Chicago Blues
07. Lazy Susan
08. Hard Day At The World
09. Vendetta
10. Lay Back

2006 - Above The Storm (320 kbps) - 00.57.59

01. Live Life
02. Burning With A Reason
03. Above The Storm
04. In The Days We Have
05. Stand And Be Counted
06. At This Time Of Night
07. A Kiss To Remember You By
08. The God In You
09. Secrets Of Woman
10. A Talent For Loving You
11. Hiding From Yourself
12. Midnight In My Soul
13. We Believe

Jim Peterik And World Stage

2000 - Jim Peterik And World Stage (320 kbps) - 01.12.32

01. Fade to Blue (feat. Don Barnes)
02. Can't Say it Loud Enough (feat. Johnny Van Zant)
03. To Miss Somebody (feat. Dennis De Young)
04. Diamonds for Stones (feat. Cathy Richardson)
05. Vehicle (feat. Buddy Guy) (Ides of March Cover)
06. Zig Zag (feat. Tom Keifer, Rick Nielson & Bun E Carlos)
07. Changed By Love (feat. Don Barnes)
08. We Wish (feat. David Carl & Jeff Boyle)
09. Working Blue (feat. Anthony Gomes)
10. Antenna (feat. Margaret Becker)
11. Eye of the Tiger (feat. Jeff Boyle) (Survivor Cover)
12. Between Two Fires (feat. Kevin Cronin)
13. Till It Shines (feat. Henry Paul)
14. Long Road Home (feat. Kelly Keagy)
15. From Here to Hereafter (feat. Cathy Richardson)

2002 - Rock America (176-227 kbps) - 01.11.58

01. Eye of the Tiger - Jim Peterik and Jeff Boyle
02. Hold On Loosely - Jim Peterik and Don Barnes
03. Sister Christian - Kelly Keagy
04. I Can't Hold Back - Kevin Chalfant
05. The Search Is Over - Brian Anders and Kelly Moulik
06. Vehicle - Jim Peterik and Buddy Guy
07. I've Got a Lot to Learn About Love - Kevin Chalfant
08. Between Two Fires - Jim Peterik and Kevin Cronin
09. Heavy Metal - Jim Peterik and Kelly Keagy
10. Rockin'Into the Night - Jim Peterik and Don Barnes
11. The Day Americ Cried - Jim Peterik and Johnny VanZant (Studio Bonus Track)
12. Can't Say It Loud Enough - Jim Peterik and Johnny VanZant (Studio Bonus Track)
13. The Sum of Our Hearts - Jim Peterik and Kevin Chalfant (Studio Bonus Track)
14. Changed By Love - Jim Peterik and Don Barnes (Studio Bonus Track)
15. Long Road Home - Jim Peterik and Kelly Keagy (Studio Bonus Track)

Jim Peterik's Lifeforce

2009 - Jim Peterik's Lifeforce (221-236 kbps)

01. Joy
02. Lifeforce
03. Vehicle (Ides Of March, new version)
04. Unconditional Surrender (feat. Lisa McClowry)
05. Ghost Orchid
06. Eye Of The Tiger
07. The Search Is Over (feat. Lisa McClowry)
08. Secret Of The Way (Pride Of Lions new vers.)
09. Morning Song (feat. Lisa McClowry)
10. Interrupted Melody (Pride Of Lions new vers.)
11. Morning Song (Instrumental)
12. Vehicle (Ides Of March new vers. different mix)

2011 - Forces At Play (320 kbps)

01. Forces At Play
02. 'Sall Good
03. Already Mine
04. Teach You Tonight
05. Jazz Lady
06. Cassandra
07. Homage
08. Across the Miles
09. Slither
10. Every Way A Man Can Love A Woman
11. Talking Drum
12. Luck in a Lady
13. Look For Your Life

2013 - Forces At Play (2CD Deluxe Edition) (Remastered) (320 kbps) - 01.14.45

CD1 - 00.47.05

01. Forces at Play (feat. Steve Cole)
02. Voice of America (feat. Steve Eisen)
03. Joy (feat. Jim Peterik)
04. Slither (feat. Mindi Abair)
05. Cassandra (feat. Mike Cichowicz)
06. Secret of the Way (feat. Christian Cullen)
07. Eye of the Tiger (feat. Mike Aquino)
08. Morning Song (feat. Steve Eisen)
09. Interrupted Melody (feat. Jim Peterik)
10. Jazzy Vehicle (feat. Jim Peterik)

CD2 - 00.58.09

01. Already Mine (feat. Sijay)
02. 'Sall Good (feat. Mindi Abair)
03. Jazzy Lady (feat. Jim Peterik)
04. Look for Your Life (feat. David Pack)
05. Across the Miles (feat. Lisa McClowry)
06. Ghost Orchid (feat. Lisa McClowry)
07. Talking Drum (feat. Steve Oliver)
08. Best Is yet to Come (feat. Lisa McClowry)
09. Every Way a Man Can Love a Woman (feat. Jeff Lantz)
10. The Search Is Over (feat. Lisa McClowry)
11. Homage (feat. Marzette Griffith)
12. Luck Is a Lady (feat. Alex Ligertwood)
13. Vehicle (Live) (feat. Buddy Guy)

Jim Peterik & Marc Scherer

2015 - Risk Everything (320 kbps) - 01.01.30

01. Risk Everything
02. Chance Of A Lifetime
03. Cold Blooded
04. Desperate In Love
05. Thee Crescendo
06. The Dying Of The Light
07. How Long Is A Moment
08. Brand New Heart
09. Broken Home
10. Milestones
11. Independence Day
12. The Man I Am (Japanese Bonus Track)
13. Moments To Memories (Japanese Bonus Track)
Jimi Jamison & Jim Peterik - 2010 - Extra Moments


Jim Peterik - Wrote all tracks
Gary Smith - Drums
Dennis Keith Johnson - Bass
Dave Bickler, Tommy Shaw & James Young - Backing vocals
Jim Peterik — vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion
Mike Aquino — guitar
Klem Hayes — bass
Scott May — keyboards
Ed Breckenfield — drums
Mike Alongi — drums
Lisa Mcclowrey — backing vocals
Jim Peterik lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
Don Barnes lead vocals, electric guitars
Jimmy Nichols keyboards, piano
Mark Hill bass
Steve Brewster drums, percussion
Johnny Van Zant lead vocals
Yvonne Gage additional vocals
Jeff Carlisi electric and slide guitar
Scott May B3
Dennis DeYoung lead vocals
Mike Aquino lead guitar
Pat Buchanan electric guitar
Mike Brignardello bass
Craig Kramf drums, percussion
Joe Vana additional vocals
Cathy Richardson lead vocals
Joel Hoekstra guitars
Buddy Guy lead vocals, lead guitar
Christian Cullen b3, wurlitzer
Clem Hayes bass
Ed Breckenfeld drums
Tom Keifer lead vocals
Rick Nielsen guitar
Bun e Carlos drums
Danny Chauncey keyboards
David Carl lead vocals
Jeff Boyle lead vocals
Greg Marsh programming
Chuck Soumar congas
Robert White Johnson additional vocals
Joe Vana additional vocals
Anthony Gomes lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Bob Lizik bass
Margaret Becker lead vocals
Jeff Boyle lead vocals
Matt Thornton programming
Kevin Cronin lead vocals
John Rice electric guitar, lap steel, mandolin
John Katke piano, B3
Henry Paul lead vocals
Kelly Keagy lead vocals
Jim Peterik - lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion
Lisa McClowry - lead, duet and background vocals
Mike Aquino - guitar
Steve Eisen - saxophone, flute
Klem Hayes - bass
Christian Cullen - keyboards
Ed Breckenfield - drums, percussion
Scott May - keyboards (3, 6)
John Larson - trumpet (3)
Nick Colionne - guitar (2)
Sharay Reed - electric upright bass (9, 11)
Larry Gray - acoustic upright bass (5)
Larry Milas drum programming
Chuck Soumar - percussion
Jim Peterik - vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion
Khari Parker, Ed Breckenfield - drums
Bob Lizik, Richard Patterson, Klem Hayes - bass
Jeff Lantz - keyboards
Mike Aquino, Richie Davis - guitar
Lisa McClowry - background vocals and choir
Marc Scherer - Lead Vocals
Mike Aquino, Jim Peterik - Guitar
Jim Peterik - Guitar, Keyboards
Ed Breckenfeld, Nick Rich - Drums
Klem Hayes, Bob Lizik, Bill Syniar - Bass
Toby Hitchcock, Alex Ligertwood, Shoshana Bean - Backing Vocals

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